On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.


The magnificent deception…

Just as I’ve written out another cheque to the council, I am becoming very interested in people all up and down the land opting to enter into lawful rebellion and querying payment of their council tax.  Freeman videos abound on the net, but I found this one of the most interesting.  More videos will follow with a more UK-based slant soon….


Vaccine Propaganda Exposed & Analysed

Published by NHF UK admin on October 16th, 2011

by Danielle Bryant BSYA (N.Th.)

To Immunise or Not To Immunise – THAT is the Question! It certainly is a question that only YOU can answer whether it immunising your baby or having the flu vaccine.I am hoping that this analysis of and insight into the propaganda surrounding the vaccine and immunisation drives by local health authorities will help you to see how your logical thoughts are manipulated to make you afraid NOT TO vaccinate. This is done mainly by fallacies which are tricks that can stop you thinking logically, and can therefore alter your decisions and even beliefs!


Vaccine season is certainly now upon us. We have seen many distasteful “advert” banners outside doctor’s surgeries stating “ROLL UP ROLL UP FOR YOUR FLU JAB” – like it’s some sort of circus! What a clever way to try to make the vaccine seem that it is not a serious issue – no big deal! But then maybe this should also tell us that we shouldn’t be taking the advertising and scare mongering seriously!
Sadly, though it really IS a serious issue, especially to those who have been harmed by the vaccine, or the family members of those who have died soon after having the vaccine.
The chant “Roll Up Roll Up” also puts me in mind of a snake oil salesman – is this REALLY what our doctors are becoming? If I were a doctor I would be insulted by this approach to advertising one of my services and I think it is appalling that the government feel they can treat our health so trivially and non-seriously! They think it’s a circus? And what are we? The monkeys? Yes – that would be test monkeys held in our cages of fear.
Flu Roll Up Roll Up Banner

The vaccination campaigns are almost all based upon a fallacy that appeals to our emotions and the emotion they use is fear. When we are afraid, especially for our health and the health of our children, we will do anything to help ourselves, but in truth this is just making us more vulnerable to misinformation.
They also encourage us to make an assumption. The assumption that if something is believed to do something good then it isn’t bad (or at least can’t be THAT bad).

You can see by the NHS poster opposite how much they use fear to promote the jabs. Fear is induced not only by the exaggerated and inaccurate imagery, but also stating that we do not know all the facts about flu, making us think there is a lot more to it and scaring us into the jab. But what they don’t do is state the fact that we do not know all the facts about the jab EITHER!It also states the the flu virus is clever as it “continually evolves and mutates”. This makes us think of something alien or disgusting, further adding to fear. But if you read between the lines, what this ALSO states is that the vaccines cannot possibly help! The vaccine you have in your arm was developed (at least) months previously – so this means that the virus the vaccine protects against has now surely mutated and evolved into a different strain!

They also state “if you suffer from certain chronic illness or are 65 or over you are especially at risk” – yet this is also true of the jab (but they hide this information from you).

This advert is clearly trying to belittle the HPV vaccine, trying to demonstrate that it is a matter-of-fact everyday thing. Also in this way putting the message across that it is not serious.But the truth is that it IS serious and the decision to have a vaccine that contains an ingredient that made EVERY rat tested on STERILE should not be taken lightly at all!

List of fallacies that I have found in this very short advert (after only a short while, I could maybe write a lot more if I had a lot more time!)
Fallacy 1: Appeal to Common Practice – if everyone does it then it is OK for me to do. This is shown by all the pupils going about their day and having the vaccine.
Fallacy 2: Appeal to Popularity – most people approve of this so it must be OK.
Fallacy 3: Bandwagon – everyone else does it so I will too or otherwise I may not be accepted. This is shown by linking arms with her friend, both getting the vaccine together.
Fallacy 4: Questionable cause – HPV and cervical cancer sometimes occur together so HPV must cause cervical cancer (this has been proved NOT to be the case by the FDA without the presence of an infection). In the words of the FDA: “Based on new scientific information published in the past 15 years, it is now generally agreed that identifying and typing HPV infection does not bear a direct relationship to stratification of the risk for cervical cancer. Most acute infections caused by HPV are self-limiting [1, 4-7]. …Repeated sequential transient HPV infections, even when caused by ‘high-risk’ HPVs, are characteristically not associated with high risk of developing squamous intraepithelial lesions, a precursor of cervical cancer.”
“A woman found to be positive for the same strain (genotype) of HPV on repeated testing is highly likely suffering from a persistent HPV infection and is considered to be at high risk of developing precancerous intraepithelial lesions in the cervix . It is the persistent infection, not the virus, that determines the cancer risk.(ref:redpillreich.blogspot.com)
Fallacy 5: Appeal to Authority – the NHS are passing on information given to them by pharmaceutical salesmen, but making us think they are the experts in this, and so we trust them.
Fallacy 6 (double): Appeal to Emotion (fear) & Slippery Slope – HPV MAY occur and if it does Cervical Cancer WILL be inevitable (this is how it makes us think – not the truth!!) and this invokes our fear to be scared into having the vaccine.
And finally…calling the vaccine the “Cervical Cancer Vaccine” is extremely misleading as it does NOT protect from cancer at all. There are still many strains of HPV not covered by the vaccine and as we have just read from the FDA’s own words, it is the infection NOT the virus that can lead to cancer. But calling it this lures people into a false sense of security and gives them false information just from the name.

What makes things worse about obtaining information about vaccines is that we trust what our GPs tell us, and they generally tell us there is nothing to worry about and the vaccines ‘save lives’, but the fact is they are given increasingly large bonuses for the number of patients they vaccinate. As many surgeries/doctors come to rely on these bonuses their advice inevitably may become more profit-related than health-related.

While we are preparing further UK specific article and campaign about vaccines, please visit the extensive vaccine information section on thenhf.com website:-

see also the NHF website at http://thenhf.co.uk/

Here is an excellent article entitled “Seasonal Flu Vaccines, Are They Safe or Necessary?”

Another article by the Sovereign Independent entitled “Conclusive link now admitted: Swine Flu Vaccine causes Chronic Nervous System Disorders”

A whole load of photos – flying to Scandinavia

These are from a recent long (too long) trip from work.  We were doing flying on behalf of a Scandinavian airline so mostly flying from Tenerife to various Finnish / Swedish destinations.  9 days away is a bit much for me; I really didn’t enjoy that aspect and it took quite a lot out of me.  I got some quite nice shots along the way though…

I am just putting them up at reduced size to save bandwidth but if anyone likes any particular photo, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send you the ‘full fat’ version.

In Swedish airspace nearing dusk

Taken out of a double glazed toughened window with many unexplained greasy marks this is not a perfect shot but gives an idea of the lovely scene as we continued on towards Amsterdam

I love this one...

Essentially the same image but with some framing of the cockpit window view.

Sunset 🙂 Get ready for loads more of these!

I love the light on the river below.

My favourite - morning

A bit colder, this shot...



Sad to think his daughter went for another 7 years suffering this man’s behaviour before finally resorting to releasing this:

The mother joins in on the BIG MAN’s abuse too!  You can see her hand at 2min 01 taking the belt from him.


Texas judge ‘needs help’, says beaten daughter

Police are investigating Texas judge William Adams after video shows him savagely beating 16-year-old daughter

Hillary Adams, daughter of Aransas judge William Adams

Hillary Adams, daughter of Texas judge William Adams, says she feels some regret about uploading a video of her father belting her but that she hopes it forces him to get help. Photograph: Chris Sherman/AP

The daughter of a Texas judge, who is seen suffering a savage beating in an internet video viewed more than 2m times, has said her father “needs help”.

Hillary Adams, who uploaded the video showing the 2004 beating, went on television in the US to explain why she had done it, and said it happened often when she was young.

Police have launched an investigation into whether her father, Aransas county court judge William Adams, committed an offence.

Hillary Adams, now 23, said she has received an outpouring of support and encouragement since posting the video last week. But her feelings were tempered by the sadness her father lashed her 17 times with a belt after threatening to beat her “into submission.”

Speaking to the Associated Press outside her mother’s home in the Gulf coast town of Portland, near Corpus Christi, she said: “I’m experiencing some regret because I just pulled the covers off my own father’s misbehaviour after so many people thought he was such a good person … But so many people are also telling me I did the right thing.”

“He’s supposed to be a judge who exercises fit judgment,” she said.

In an interview with NBC’s Today Show on Thursday, she said the attack was not a one-off. “It did happen regularly for a period of time,” she said.

In the same interview, her mother, Hallie Adams, blamed her ex-husband’s bouts of violence on his “addiction,” calling it a “family secret.” Their 22-year marriage ended in 2007.

Texas judge William Adams, shown in a YouTube savagely beating his daugher, then 16, with a belt.Texas judge William Adams. Photograph: APThe judge did not return a reporter’s calls seeking comment early on Thursday.

Police in Rockport, where the 51-year-old judge lives, opened an investigation on Wednesday after receiving calls from several concerned citizens, Police chief Tim Jayroe said.

Aransas county sheriff Bill Mills said William Adams has been receiving threatening phone calls and faxes at the courthouse since the video went online.

No one answered the door on Wednesday at the judge’s home. A neighbour said she saw Adams and his girlfriend packing luggage, a briefcase and rifles into their truck.

Corpus Christi television station KZTV caught up with the judge while he was getting into his vehicle on Wednesday, and he confirmed it was him in the video. But he said it “looks worse than it is” and that he doesn’t expect to be disciplined.

“In my mind, I haven’t done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing,” Adams said. “And I did lose my temper, but I’ve since apologised.”

When told of her father’s comments, Hillary Adams said: “It’s a shining perfect example of his personality and he believes he can do no wrong … He will cover up rather than admit to what he did and try to come clean.”

She stressed that she did not post the video as revenge and does not want her father punished. Rather, she did it because she thinks it will force him to seek help, and because he has been harassing her and she thought posting the clip would make that stop.

“We need to reach out to victims and the abusers themselves to get people to realise what it actually is,” she said.

Hillary said she secretly videotaped the beating in her bedroom because she “knew something was about to happen.” She says her parents were angry at her for using her computer to download pirated content over the internet.

In the clip’s opening seconds, William Adams is heard telling Hillary’s mother, “Go get the belt. The big one. I’m going to spank her now.” With belt in hand, he turns off the light and tries forcing his daughter to bend over the bed to be beaten, but she refuses.

“Lay down or I’ll spank you in your fucking face,” Adams screams while he lashes her with sweeping blows across the legs, ignoring her wails and pleas for him to stop.

Judge William Adams wields a belt before beating his daughterA screen grab of a YouTube video shows judge William Adams wielding a belt before beating his daughterA few minutes into the video, which on Thursday morning had been viewed more than 2m times, Hillary’s mother barks at her to “turn over like a 16-year-old and take it! Like a grown woman!” For about a minute, the ordeal appears to have ended after both parents leave the room and shut the door. But the judge then storms back into the room and the beating resumes.

Hallie Adams said she was “completely brainwashed and controlled” by her ex-husband.

“I did every single thing that he did,” she told NBC. Hillary Adams said she is not angry at her mother.

Child advocates roundly condemned the beating as abuse. But investigators may decide that the judge’s actions, while shocking, weren’t criminal.

David Finkelhor, a University of New Hampshire sociology professor who heads the school’s Crimes Against Children Research Center, said the lines between what is deemed child abuse and what is considered an acceptable level of discipline differ across the country and among various social groups, though the use of objects such as belts and sticks is usually seen as beyond any normal physical punishment.

Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for the state Department of Family and Protective Services, said in an email that the agency is aware of the video and “will take the appropriate steps in this matter.” He said the agency would have no further comment.

The dangers of airport body scanners

The Dangers of Airport Scanners

Published by NHF UK admin on October 16th, 2011

By Danielle Bryant BSYA (N.Th)

I recently received an email from a friend of mine regarding the controversial full body airport scanners. They are now in place at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow airports and on test at Dublin.These pose a huge violation to our privacy in the name of ‘terrorism’ – but this is just one part of the controversy. Scientific facts are emerging regarding how they can actually be extremely detrimental to our health.

Below is a copy of a memo and email sent from a group of professors in the University of California to the President for Science and Technology.

April 6, 2010

Dr. John P. Holdren
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology

Dear Dr. Holdren:

We, a number of University of California, San Francisco faculty, are writing — see the attached memo — to call your attention to our concerns about the potential serious health
risks of the recently adopted whole body back scatter X-ray airport security scanners. This is an urgent situation as these X-ray scanners are rapidly being implemented as a primary screening step for all air travel passengers.
By way of introduction one of us (John Sedat) met you recently when he and his wife Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a 2009 Nobel Laureate, talked with President Obama last December. Dr. Sedat is Professor Emeritus in Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco, with expertise in imaging.
He is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences. The other co-signer includes Dr. Marc Shuman, an internationally well known and respected cancer expert and UCSF professor, as well as Drs. David Agard and Robert Stroud, who are UCSF Professors, X-ray crystallographers, imaging experts and NAS members.

Sincerely yours,

John Sedat, Ph.D

David Agard, Ph.D

Marc Shuman, M.D.

Robert Stroud, Ph.D.


We are writing to call your attention to serious concerns about the potential health risks of the recently adopted whole body backscatter X-ray airport security scanners. This is an urgent situation as these X-ray scanners are rapidly being implemented as a primary screening step for all air travel passengers.

Our overriding concern is the extent to which the safety of this scanning device has been adequately demonstrated. This can only be determined by a meeting of an impartial panel of experts that would include medical physicists and radiation biologists at which all of the available relevant data is reviewed.

An important consideration is that a large fraction of the population will be subject to the new X-ray scanners and be at potential risk, as discussed below. This raises a number of ‘red flags’. Can we have an urgent second independent evaluation?

The Red Flags

The physics of these X-rays is very telling: the X-rays are Compton-Scattering off outer molecule bonding electrons and thus inelastic (likely breaking bonds).

Unlike other scanners, these new devices operate at relatively low beam energies (28keV). The majority of their energy is delivered to the skin and the underlying tissue. Thus, while the dose would be safe if it were distributed throughout the volume of the entire body, the dose to the skin may be dangerously high.

The X-ray dose from these devices has often been compared in the media to the cosmic ray exposure inherent to airplane travel or that of a chest X-ray. However, this comparison is very misleading: both the air travel cosmic ray exposure and chest X-rays have much higher X-ray energies and the health consequences are appropriately understood in terms of the whole body volume dose. In contrast, these new airport scanners are largely depositing their
energy into the skin and immediately adjacent tissue, and since this is such a small fraction of body weight/vol. possibly by one to two orders of magnitude, the real dose to the skin is now high.

In addition, it appears that real independent safety data do not exist. A search, ultimately finding top FDA radiation physics staff, suggests that the relevant radiation quantity, the Flux [photons per unit area and time (because this is a scanning device)]has not been characterized. Instead an indirect test (Air Kerma) was made that emphasized the whole body exposure value, and thus it appears that the danger is low when compared to cosmic rays during airplane travel and a chest X-ray dose.

In summary, if the key data (flux-integrated photons per unit values) were available, it would be straightforward to accurately model the dose being deposited in the skin and adjacent tissues using available computer codes, which would resolve the potential concerns over radiation damage.

Our colleagues at UCSF, dermatologists and cancer experts, raise specific important concerns:

A) The large population of older travelers, >65 years of age, is particularly at risk from the mutagenic effects of the X-rays based on the known biology of melanocyte aging.

B) A fraction of the female population is especially sensitive to mutagenesis-provoking radiation leading to breast cancer. Notably, because these women, who have defects in DNA repair mechanisms, are particularly prone to cancer X-ray mammograms are not performed on them. The dose to breast tissue beneath the skin represents a similar risk.

C) Blood (white blood cells) perfusing the skin is also at risk.

D) The population of immuno-compromised individual — HIV and cancer patients (see above) is likely to be at risk for cancer induction by the high skin dose.

E) The risk of radiation emission to children and adolescents does not appear to have been fully evaluated.

F) The policy towards pregnant women needs to be defined once the theoretical risks to the fetus are determined.

G) Because of the proximity of the testicles to the skin, this tissue is at risk for sperm mutagenesis.

H) Have the effects of the radiation on the cornea and thymus been determined?

Moreover, there are a number of ‘red flags’ related to the hardware itself. Because this device can scan a human in a few seconds, the X-ray beam is very intense. Any glitch in power at any point in the hardware (or more importantly in software) that stops the device could cause an intense radiation dose to a single spot on the skin. Who will oversee problems with overall dose after repair or software problems? The TSA is already complaining
about resolution limitations; who will keep the manufacturers and/or TSA from just raising the dose, an easy way to improve signal-to-noise and get higher resolution? Lastly, given the recent incident (on December 25th), how do we know whether the manufacturer or TSA, seeking higher resolution, will scan the groin area more slowly leading to a much higher
total dose?

After review of the available data we have already obtained, we suggest that additional critical information be obtained, with the goal to minimize the potential health risks of total body scanning. One can study the relevant X-ray dose effects with modern molecular tools. Once a small team of appropriate experts is assembled, an experimental plan can be designed and implemented with the objective of obtaining information relevant to our
concerns expressed above, with attention paid to completing the information gathering and formulating recommendations in a timely fashion. We would like to put our current concerns into perspective. As longstanding UCSF scientists and physicians, we have witnessed critical
errors in decisions that have seriously affected the health of thousands of people in the United States. These unfortunate errors were made because of the failure to recognize potential adverse outcomes of decisions made at the federal level. Crises create a sense of urgency that frequently leads to hasty decisions where unintended consequences are
not recognized. Examples include the failure of the CDC to recognize the risk of blood transfusions in the early stages of the AIDS epidemic, approval of drugs and devices by the FDA without sufficient review, and improper standards set by the EPA, to name a few.

Similarly, there has not been sufficient review of the intermediate and long-term effects of radiation exposure associated with airport scanners. There is good reason to believe that these scanners will increase the risk of cancer to children and other vulnerable populations. We are unanimous in believing that the potential health consequences need to be rigorously studied before these scanners are adopted. Modifications that reduce radiation exposure need to be explored as soon as possible.

In summary we urge you to empower an impartial panel of experts to re-evaluate the potential health issues we have raised before there are irrevocable long-term consequences to the health of our country. These negative effects may on balance far outweigh the potential benefit of increased detection of terrorists.

Flight over the alps

A lovely day out recently….hope you enjoy the views 🙂

For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

I know how this guy feels. Well said.

Interesting times ahead.  I recall seeing a young guy on the BBC news recently – he was from DEMOS – talking about the need for schools to teach young people ‘critical thinking’ while browsing on the internet.  All good so far.  I suppose it really depends on how this training is delivered.  How I wish there was a move to teach the same wariness over what the BBC and ITV jackanory shows put out.  Again I have to tick this post ‘funny’ because if you have a look at the classroom when the Demos visitor is there, tbey can barely string a sentence together. 

Maybe Jamie is worried about the children going to sites like Global Research

The reaction comments to the DEMOS piece are followed in their own (quite revealing) site and are an entertaining read


And while we have all that to enjoy, christmas approaches 🙂

I remember how this made me feel when I was young.  A bit of escapism is sometimes just the job…

Flu shot questions….

Some people close to me tend to get quite spooked by my wariness of flu shots, in fact, all shots….so I include little snippets like these…and as always, please get in touch on the comments bar if you think any of the information is inaccurate, as it is only intended to inform and protect….

The Flu Vaccine – a discussion of facts on the label. – Coalition For Informed Choice


Coalition For Informed Choice

Tedd Koren, DC

The other day I walked into a doctor’s office that was advertising flu
shots and asked for a product insert for the 2011-2012 flu vaccine
(Flulaval from GlaxoSmithKline.)

She handed me a CDC one page sheet urging all people to get the flu
shot.  I said, “Thanks, but can I get the actual paper that comes with
the vaccines.”  She gave me an odd look (“Why would anyone want to
read that?”) but went into the back and got me one.

Before I left I said to the MD, “Did you know that there is mercury in
the shots?”  “No, I didn’t know that,” she said.  (Why should she know
that, she only gives the shots.)

“You know if you vaccinate a pregnant woman the mercury can go through
the placenta into the fetus,” I said to her.

She said nothing.  I might have been speaking Klingon. Then again if
we were Klingons the interaction may have involved high explosives and
lots of bad language.  (Please forgive me, the other day I watched a
Star Trek movie).

OK, back to the flu.  After I left her office I began to engage in an
unnatural act, I actually read the product insert. The print was very
small but I slogged through it.  These are quotes directly from the
product insert.  Read them and be amazed (doesn’t anyone actually read

Does the flu shot protect someone from getting the flu?

“There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a
decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FluLaval®.”

It’s given to nursing mothers

“It is not known whether FluLaval® is excreted in human milk … safety
and effectiveness of FluLaval® in pediatric patients have not been

What’s in the shot?

“The virus is inactivated with ultraviolet light … followed by
formaldehyde … disrupted with sodium deoxycholate … 45 mcg.
Hemagglutinin (HA) … each dose contains 25 mcg mercury … the vial
stopper does not contain latex.” (Nice to know for those who are
concerned about latex reactions).

Can it cause cancer or affect the reproductive system (what about the baby?)

“FluLaval® has not been evaluated for carginogenic or mutagenic
potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

Adverse events associated with influenza vaccines:  Anaphylaxis … “the
1976 swine flu influenza vaccine was associated with an increased risk
of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Evidence of a causal relation of GBS
with subsequent [influenza] vaccines is unclear.”

How long were the test subjects observed after vaccination to see if
the flu shot caused long-term damage?

“Individuals were observed for three days after the flu shot was
administered in see if there were adverse reactions.

Postmarketing surveillance From the insert:

“Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of
uncertain size it is not always possible to reliably estimate their
incidence rate or to establish a causal relationship to the vaccine.”

“Lymphodenopasthy, eye pain, photophobia, dysphagia, vomiting …
influenza-like symptoms … rhinitis, cellulitis, muscle weakness,
arthritis, tremor, syncope, Guillain-Barre syndrome, convulsions,
seizures, cranial or facial nerve paralysis (Bell’s palsy),
encephalopathy, limb paralysis …”


Fluarix® (single dose) for ages 3 years and older. Multidose has Hg,
single dose does not. Fluarix: $101.20 for ten single vial doses
(approximately $10/shot cost to MD).

No mercury in single vials.

FluLaval ® – Multidose: $70.80 for one vial of ten doses ($7.08 cost
of one shot).  (Nice markup.  I bet CVS, Walgreens and the other big
purchasers get even better prices).

Gary Krasner, Director
Coalition For Informed Choice
188-34 87th Drive, Suite 4B
Holliswood, NY 11423
(note:  there may be silence after you dial.  But remain on the line.
I can hear it ringing)

DO NOT use my other email address:
UNLESS your message is over 3 MB is size.

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled” . . . Richard P. Feynman

I’m neither a lawyer nor medical physician.  It should not be
construed from any materials I distribute that I’m dispensing legal or
medical advice.

Some flying pictures – September

These were taken on a day out to Palma.

Taxiing out for take off from Palma - following a Thomsonfly 757 and waiting our turn! Busy day. We burned half a tonne fuel just taxiing.

Out of the side window the Barcelona coastline, barcelona airport clearly visible.

Again from the side window, a nice shot of the Pyrenees...

...looking further back you can see the foothills to the pyrenees, less snow, etc....

Golden Hamster

I’ve been feeling more and more like a hamster as winter draws in.  Sleeping a lot during the day and eating a bit too much 🙂