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A whole load of photos – flying to Scandinavia

These are from a recent long (too long) trip from work.  We were doing flying on behalf of a Scandinavian airline so mostly flying from Tenerife to various Finnish / Swedish destinations.  9 days away is a bit much for me; I really didn’t enjoy that aspect and it took quite a lot out of me.  I got some quite nice shots along the way though…

I am just putting them up at reduced size to save bandwidth but if anyone likes any particular photo, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send you the ‘full fat’ version.

In Swedish airspace nearing dusk

Taken out of a double glazed toughened window with many unexplained greasy marks this is not a perfect shot but gives an idea of the lovely scene as we continued on towards Amsterdam

I love this one...

Essentially the same image but with some framing of the cockpit window view.

Sunset 🙂 Get ready for loads more of these!

I love the light on the river below.

My favourite - morning

A bit colder, this shot...



Flight over the alps

A lovely day out recently….hope you enjoy the views 🙂

Nice one Nev

An old friend from training has just got the word he’s off to Qatar Airways in Doha.  Well you always had quite a good suntan anyway Nev!  Anyway, one of our cabin crew girls from this season is off too, so maybe you will bump into her during the safety stuff.  Her name is Helena Brown and she has an even better tan than you as she is half egyptian…


Nev freezing his baws off and pretending to be nice and cosy in his ski jacket


Right before you all think thats Helena and she could do with a good shave, here is the good lady here.  Say hello from me if you bump into her mate 🙂


Lovely woman


A timely trip to Krakow

Yesterday we had a flight to Krakow in Poland, taking what appeared to be a mix of final year schoolchildren and some journalists off to visit Auschwitz concentration camp.  The rest of the crew joined in with the delegation, and made their way off in buses and taxis.

I set out from the hotel on foot in the beautiful autumn sun to discover the older parts of Krakow, and just explore a wee bit.   I really enjoy the old buildings and massive central squares in Eastern Europe.  Walking around in the sun, eating street food, watching the locals, exploring the meandering streets 🙂

Then a pot of tea on a large cafe-boat moored on the river Wisla, with great views of Wawel Castle http://www.wawel.krakow.pl/en/

I even scrammed back to the hotel for a very restful 2 hours sleep before showtime for a nice 2 1/2 hour trip home.  Wouldn’t mind more duties like that!  The passengers were great too…strangely enough nobody threatening to punch F**k out of anyone, falling out of toilet doors undressed, P*shing themselves, or having very bad sing songs!  Fancy that?

Photographs of the day:

Statue in front of Akademia Gorniczo

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This doesn't look like such a bad job 🙂

About to move into the main square in the old town.

I just loved the 'feel' of the place, with the trams and the traffic working alongside. It was a beautiful afternoon too which always helps!

Under the belly of 'The Beast' that is GJMAA


And finally a pot of tea on a cafe boat looking at the Castle before stealing off to the hotel for two hours sleep before the flight home 🙂

The next day (er…this one, as I type) brought a dirty DIY session of lifting floorboards, sifting through confusion oh and breaking the key to my brothers car….so the moral is, whenever you get a chance to recharge the batteries go for it!