On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.


Helen Thompson

Helen Thompson doing her Kitesurfing stuff.



Yacht mission

Yes I am at it again.  I definitely need a yacht….all the essential factors are there.  Experienced sailor?  Eh, No!  Money to burn….hmmm, naah!  Enjoy risking your safety…ermmm :-/

Here she is http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/33/60855033.html

Richy you wanna go up and see the wee pearler?


Fuggin great looking wee thing.  Rich, the women wont like the absence of a sea toilet.   I remember being out fishing in the pacific ocean off the eastern coast of NZ, with a woman (You reading this Taryn?) who jumped into the shark infested deep for a widdle instead of enduring the indignity of a noisy bucket peepee.


Palatial Gin Palace


A simpler way to get on the water.

Recently a mate and myself were looking at a bargain wee yacht.  Van de Stadt 34ft, steel hull, bargain price….alas it had gone by the time we got round to arrange a viewing.  But another way to look at it, a fortunate escape from the perils of boat ownership.

One of the guys at work finally sold his Jaguar 27 after years of looking at the costs and realising that, for the sailing he actually managed to get out on, it was costing him thousands per week.

Mooring costs at a decent marina are wild!  Then there is winter stowage.  Ongoing maintenance of the hull, insurance.  Servicing the engine.   Ralph took a bad hit on his when he sold it on….

Well recently I came across this wee boat:  http://www.nestawayboats.com/page25.htm

Perfect for getting out on the loch – it hardly ever gets too rough up here in Arrochar due to the very steep hills each side of Loch Long.   A few pictures now 🙂

There is also a Spritsail rig which can be added

In the meantime, we are looking into doing our Day Skipper courses…Rich is going somewhere hot for his, and I’m going to stick with the misery back here in Scotland.  (probably Helensburgh sailing club).

At anchor on the south coast of Brittany

Many thanks to Gwen for including me on her tour, Summer 2009