On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.


This is how I found Lhasa

I was having a look at the EOS 7D camera!

I loved her voice

I thought….I must find out about her 🙂


Some music

I loved these pieces…

Get well soon

Gare loch, 1986


This is great:  I saw it eating a big plate of squid in Las Palmas and scrawled down the name of the tune on my napkin 🙂



For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

I know how this guy feels. Well said.

Interesting times ahead.  I recall seeing a young guy on the BBC news recently – he was from DEMOS – talking about the need for schools to teach young people ‘critical thinking’ while browsing on the internet.  All good so far.  I suppose it really depends on how this training is delivered.  How I wish there was a move to teach the same wariness over what the BBC and ITV jackanory shows put out.  Again I have to tick this post ‘funny’ because if you have a look at the classroom when the Demos visitor is there, tbey can barely string a sentence together. 

Maybe Jamie is worried about the children going to sites like Global Research

The reaction comments to the DEMOS piece are followed in their own (quite revealing) site and are an entertaining read


And while we have all that to enjoy, christmas approaches 🙂

I remember how this made me feel when I was young.  A bit of escapism is sometimes just the job…



I know I keep posting just songs, but theres a good reason for that.  Things have been busy.  Flat news…I have done the first base paint on the finished kitchen plasterwork, after cleaning off the residue, and soaking the plaster with water.  Tomorrow I’ll add another few coats and get on with some other things.   Will stay the night on my trustee blow up airbed, and sleeping bag, and get into more JOY the next day before travelling down to the airport for a night Dalaman with one of the ‘good guys’ 😉

Anyway, I enjoyed this one.  I hope you do too!


Mouth music

I’ve heard people doing this in London 😉

I am not about to buy a harmonica

Hello family 🙂  Here’s a wee post with a great video of a frenchwoman I have subscribed to.  She plays the harmonica really well.  Things have been quite busy, and its been great to be off work….so I can concentrate on some things up in the flat.

As for the flat its been more work, and again of the sort that makes you feel like you are going backwards rather than forwards.  There have been so many posts about stripping walls and lath and plaster I won’t bore any more.  Since moving out there, I suppose things will be faster in coming together, but moving all of the crap out has been a setback over the last week.

Well the good news is the bedroom walls have been squared off, and I’ve taken away the framework that used to house the insanely oversized water tank, loads of plumbing down into a hot water tank (copper, so worth keeping for the beer money).  Also the bathroom bit which used to extend into the bedroom (shower cubicle) has now gone.

At least 10 trips to the dump with four or five sacks of rubble each time!  The amount of material coming off this flat is amazing.  Look out for some photos soon.  I’m sort of caught inbetween elation in seeing the potential, and feeling a bit under the weather with all of the work that lies ahead…..or how much we are still off getting the living space liveable again.

And we still need to wait for the electricity people to get the new fuse board installed again….and….and….

Tomorrow I am going up with Brian – he is going to look into getting the kitchen floor down.    Ach well, a long chat with Maggie can often scheblonge a blogpost so here this one will wrap up and now just enjoy the aussie girl 🙂

Let me know what you think….

Cover La Bohème – Charles Aznavour



I thought these things were called Crejons..!  I came across them during festivals in Lorient, Brittany and loved them.  

Good player