On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Lawful or Legal?

Ben Gilroy, Ireland

Ben Gilroy.  For more, see the people for economic justice web site.



The magnificent deception…

Just as I’ve written out another cheque to the council, I am becoming very interested in people all up and down the land opting to enter into lawful rebellion and querying payment of their council tax.  Freeman videos abound on the net, but I found this one of the most interesting.  More videos will follow with a more UK-based slant soon….

TV Licencing

This is interesting viewing, if a little bit painful at times.  I think he was a bit OTT with his manner in dealing with the policewoman and the same result could have been achieved by taking a few deep breaths, and a little more time.

Tagged ‘Funny’ as well due to the amount of times the lady used the word ‘obviously’!