On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.


Get well soon

Gare loch, 1986


Today’s work at the flat, Arrochar, May 2011

I took so many photos today, and I loved them all, so instead of posting lots of different shots, I thought a little video would be much better.  Here is the end piece….music is as usual by Kevin McLeod, of Incomptech:

Another great day with Brian 🙂

Helen Thompson

Helen Thompson doing her Kitesurfing stuff.


Sergeant William Scott, Highland Light Infantry

Since I mentioned Bill in the last post, why not add a new category?

Thats my thinking,

Have a look at what the old man has to say.  He has a website as well.   http://williamscottspeaks.wordpress.com/

He benefits greatly from people viewing his video (the guy has all his marbles fully intact) and finally getting his story out.  So why not send a message on his website after viewing it….it would mean a lot to him.

Here are his recollections:

Why bother?

Aye, so there is all this bother with the flat, its always a battle keeping spirits up living basically out of a building site, but most of us have experience of it.

I’ve started up a VIMEO account.  They are a competitor of facebook, and its going well so far.  I used them to get a friend’s story about World War 2 and his experiences ( http://vimeo.com/16999167 )    –    if you get a chance, have a look at his recollections, and maybe send him a message.  He is over 90 now and in this cold winter your thoughts might give him a valuable boost.

But for my own account….I have this to help me remember how beautiful this place is in Summer (and this was taken in late April 🙂

So, we keep on going……

Nice one Nev

An old friend from training has just got the word he’s off to Qatar Airways in Doha.  Well you always had quite a good suntan anyway Nev!  Anyway, one of our cabin crew girls from this season is off too, so maybe you will bump into her during the safety stuff.  Her name is Helena Brown and she has an even better tan than you as she is half egyptian…


Nev freezing his baws off and pretending to be nice and cosy in his ski jacket


Right before you all think thats Helena and she could do with a good shave, here is the good lady here.  Say hello from me if you bump into her mate 🙂


Lovely woman