On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.


Up again at High Kirkfield

The continuing works at high kirkfield….kitchen


Kitchen with sink in place

More to follow (GOING TO BED!!!!)


Arrochar Flat – Progress

Its been ages since I put up any updates, so here are a few of the bedroom.  Its all squared off now.  The plastering is next.

Thanks to Brian.

West wall, plasterwork finished, showing new inset into wall.

Bedroom, south wall. Good view of the new electrics. Brian has put in double plugs down low each side of the site for the bed. And on each side, a control for either sidelight, plus control over the main pendant. You can also see the patchwork repairs which have been made to the floor which is otherwise sound.

Of the north wall, entrance into the room, and beyond, the entry door into the flat.

The sink. I just opened this up because of some dodgy sounds inside the box. The fittings were all rattling around next to the porcelain, so I don't think much of the wrapping. Anyway, this is in the belfast sink style with a frontpiece that juts out from the worktop. I've opted for this to allow for more worktop space, since stainless steel sinks with drainers would use up most of one of the available 600mm wide surfaces.

After getting all the packs for the new kitchen up into the bedroom. There are 5 packs of plaster there - bound for the walls soon!



I know I keep posting just songs, but theres a good reason for that.  Things have been busy.  Flat news…I have done the first base paint on the finished kitchen plasterwork, after cleaning off the residue, and soaking the plaster with water.  Tomorrow I’ll add another few coats and get on with some other things.   Will stay the night on my trustee blow up airbed, and sleeping bag, and get into more JOY the next day before travelling down to the airport for a night Dalaman with one of the ‘good guys’ 😉

Anyway, I enjoyed this one.  I hope you do too!

Nice clean squared off bedroom wall…

This is a rewarding series of photographs.  It shows from the beginning the reclaimed portion of the bedroom which we took back after ripping out the old shower area and hotpress cupboard. (of course these were later bastardisations of the original setup in high kirkfield)….

Anyway, this first show is a great look at the bedroom getting cleared out of wood and dust / debris.  Behind this photo has been a lot of running up and down the road with the car full of wood….for burning in Brian’s fire or my parents’ chiminea.

The squared off part of the room that didn't exist before!

And so we have been going in to the next phase of work which has been more concentrated on the bedroom.  So it is to strip 3 of the 4 walls of their lovely lath and plaster.   I’m so glad to have the lath and plaster part behind me.  Already I have mopped the floors to reduce the amounts of residual dust affecting everything up there!

Anyway here is a good shot of Brian, early in the morning just as we were shaking out some dust sheets getting ready for the day ahead:

Great picture of Brian, I love this one.

Last week so Brian started working on making up frames to introduce good insulation to the two weather facing walls of the bedroom.  It would have been possible to just do a simple wall, but really, if you have gone back this far, how could you do anything other than the right way?

So here comes a series of photographs showing the whole process.  Hope you enjoy them.  I’ve got lovely memories of them…

And the unit after assembly on the ground, up on the south wall….

Picture of Brian by the south wall with the fragrant partition to the bathroom...


Thought to take a picture from the bedroom window while working away, little thinking that this ominous looking cloud would turn into one of our best storms for the past few years.  I suppose its one of the things I miss from childhood.  That there are very few thunderstorms up here in Scotland.  Anyway the storm when it arrived did its job and caught me out and soaked my trousers 🙂

Kitchen is ready for plastering.

The kitchen space is now ready for plastering, and with the new plumbing and electrics all finished, the plastering marks the way forward for getting the kitchen fitted – hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks.  More great news!  Brian has restored electricity to the flat…we were given some elctrical tails by Rab the spark. (TM).  So now it is possible to have light until late, make tea, and maybe even stay the night.  So its all getting better 🙂

Have a look at the kitchen ready for plaster and fit-out….

From inside kitchen looking out to living room door...

And just another with a bit more of the bare walls…bit boring this sequence I know!!!

Aye its a kitchen wall,....

Today’s work at the flat, Arrochar, May 2011

I took so many photos today, and I loved them all, so instead of posting lots of different shots, I thought a little video would be much better.  Here is the end piece….music is as usual by Kevin McLeod, of Incomptech:

Another great day with Brian 🙂

Kitchen ready for final finish plastering

Two shots of the kitchen ready for the final finish, which I think will be provided by Alan, a local fireman (plasterer by trade).  Many people in the village speak very highly of his work, so it’ll be great to have him complete this room – something we have been looking forward to for a long time.  As Brian says, most of the work in putting a kitchen together is the preparation.  Right, well here are two shots to give an idea of the finish ready for the plastering, with the new electrics and wallboxes still exposed.

Nearly finished and ready for the fitting of units and appliances 🙂

Entrance into the kitchen, living room door in the background (soon to go)

Todays work at the flat

Things have been coming on nicely at the flat, its been great since I moved out in terms of progress.  Up until recently I was fairly nonplussed about any work going on, because of the feeling that I was just digging into a massive mountain.  The difference moving out has made!  The other day I really didn’t want to leave the place….had to force myself into going 😉

Well, today was another like that.  I hope you can see some difference kicking in.  Sorry, there are quite a few photographs…..

Out through the bedroom window, lovely shot of the Cobbler, about 6pm

This light was coming in just as I was nearing the end of todays work, time to nip down to the tap, wash my hands and get the camera 🙂

Taken from the front door - NB we are not leaving it like this!!! What you are missing is the wall partition to the new bathroom we will be shortly creating.

From the bedroom looking through the studs to the hall / bathroom areas, and beyond, the living room.

This floor is probably ok to leave 'as is' unlike the kitchen and living room floors.

Here's a good view of the new studs Brian put in to replace the area vacated by the removal of the old shower cavity and hotpress.

Love the light here 🙂

Taken from the area that used to be the hall / bathroom, looking out at the cobbler on a beautiful April evening.

I know, its a samey image, probably been in before but I still like it.

Cracking shot! From the living room, looking out through the studs of the bathroom, hall wall, through the bedroom and out to the Cobbler hill 🙂 Looking out while working, I think about the views that will be had when all this renovation madness is over!

Today’s lot…… Aye, just more worky work up in the flat. Brigette you would be proud.

Right so.

So here we are on Wednesday 23rd March, and I just wanted to get a shot of this room very much in progress. This is a nice one of the bedroom stripped back to some extent, the old fire clearly visible. We will just front this with OSB. One fire is enough in the place to heat it. You see that wall to the right….it was just about to be stripped down, all ripped out, and further photos will guide…..
The kitchen ceiling nearly all done…now this is a very misleading photo. Brian patched this whole ceiling guided by candlelight. Oops! I just forgot …. we had a visit from the electricity board today who replaced all of their fuse boxes and meter. Meaning we got cut off!! No power tools…..so what you are seeing there, was all hand cut, by Brian!!!
The white balance in this is crap, but its just to show the lath, after the removal of the plaster. Prior to the baring of the wall. I have a funny feeling this is going to happen to the other walls all through the room!
This is thick weatherward wall, devoid of lath….I must say it was all free of nasty surprises, just totally dry….no dampness, no nothing!