On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Follow up on Jamie Bartlett of DEMOS and previous blog entry

Following on from my earlier blog piece about a news item on the BBC

Alex Jones of Infowars Nightly News contacted DEMOS and asked Jamie Bartlett to come onto the show for a debate.  Quite interesting viewing.  Ironically, he could well become a good example with regard to his own plea to evaluate carefully everything you see on the internet.  In particular his use of straw man, ad hominem…oh and well all else fails saying – well er, I’m not qualified to comment.  It is good to see a discussion where the two opposing viewpoints are able to spend some time about their relative points of view, and not let things get down into the most base personal attacks.  As an old friend from music days once said to me (referring to a judge’s comments)….opinions are like arseholes…..everybody’s got one!


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