On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Arrochar Flat – Progress

Its been ages since I put up any updates, so here are a few of the bedroom.  Its all squared off now.  The plastering is next.

Thanks to Brian.

West wall, plasterwork finished, showing new inset into wall.

Bedroom, south wall. Good view of the new electrics. Brian has put in double plugs down low each side of the site for the bed. And on each side, a control for either sidelight, plus control over the main pendant. You can also see the patchwork repairs which have been made to the floor which is otherwise sound.

Of the north wall, entrance into the room, and beyond, the entry door into the flat.

The sink. I just opened this up because of some dodgy sounds inside the box. The fittings were all rattling around next to the porcelain, so I don't think much of the wrapping. Anyway, this is in the belfast sink style with a frontpiece that juts out from the worktop. I've opted for this to allow for more worktop space, since stainless steel sinks with drainers would use up most of one of the available 600mm wide surfaces.

After getting all the packs for the new kitchen up into the bedroom. There are 5 packs of plaster there - bound for the walls soon!


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