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Fluoride Poisoning – It’s All Over

By Mary Sparrowdancer


German and Austrian scientists knew in the
early 1930s that an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
could be successfully treated by bathing patients in water
containing minute amounts of fluoride. They had discovered
nearly a century ago that fluoride blocked thyroid function.
For the US government, long partnered with the
pharmaceutical industry, to then force this same treatment
on a nation of people with healthy thyroids under the lie
that fluoride “prevents cavities in children,” is
unconscionable. The Nuremberg Code of ethics pertaining to
human experimentation labels it an act of crime, stating,
“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely
essential.”  Today, 70% of the US is being forced to receive
this thyroid-blocking chemical via their water without
consent or medical monitoring for overdose, allergic
reaction or blocked thyroid function. The benefits are being
reaped by the largest of US industries:  The pharmaceutical
industry. Fluoride has created a nation of sufferi ng people
seeking more drugs to treat blocked thyroids and fluoride
toxicity. We might drink bottled water, but most of us
cannot avoid the bathwater.

Deliberately damaging the thyroid will produce
a plethora of symptoms affecting the entire human body from
head to toe. Symptoms of thyroid damage and fluoride
poisoning include weight gain, edema, kidney disease, kidney
failure, hair loss, depression, aggression, aches, pains,
skin problems, bone deformities (likely including
“arthritis” and spontaneous fractures), sexual/erectile
dysfunction, memory loss, weakness, fatigue, heart disease,
irritability, cancer, digestive disorders including severe
GERD as a result of swallowing fluoride, nausea, vomiting,
visual problems, gum disease, “high cholesterol,” connective
tissue damage, brittle teeth, wrinkles, premature aging,
dehydration, and long, long after the whole body has been
damaged, “cosmetic fluorosis” might finally show up in a
tooth or two. “Cosmetic fluorosis” is usually the only sign
of fluoride poisoning mentioned by fluoride promoters, while
downplaying the rest of the signs as though their
livelihoods depended upon it.

Lethal fluoride doses cause death to occur by
“natural causes” such as cardiac arrest, or acute renal
failure or (for those who believe that cancer is a “natural
cause” of death), by cancer. Fluoride binds to and possibly
mimics calcium, but fluoride is a liar. The heart cells
utilize a perfect balance of calcium and magnesium and other
natural substances in the body’s matrix to cause the heart
to beat and then rest. Fluoride, bound to the calcium,
confuses the normal functioning and cellular communication
within the body, and causes arrhythmias.

The fluoride that is purchased by municipal
waterworks and added into public drinking water is not even
a “pharmaceutical grade” fluoride. It is primarily discarded
waste, a slurry of toxins not wanted by the phosphate
fertilizer mining corporations that sell it to waterworks.
From there, it is then disposed of (sometimes by unskilled
workers) into our drinking water. For those who have
swallowed the propaganda that fluoride is “completely safe,”
and is some kind of a “nutrient” that is good for us, there
is news footage available of a recent fluoride spill that
took place in Illinois. A Hazmat team in protective gear was
called in to clean up the mess, but not before the fluoride
began eating through the concrete driveway it had spilled

This should leave little question as to why a
2005 study by the American Gastroenterological Association
showed that there was a sharp increase in Barrett’s
esophagus and GERD, and other reports show that
adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, once rare, has now become
one of the most frequently occurring cancers. Fluoride can
eat its way through a titanium container. Fluoride is
converted in the stomach into hydrofluoric acid, an acid so
strong that it cannot be stored in a glass container because
it will eat the glass. Fluoride, proven to block thyroid
function, is not a substance we should be forced to drink,
breathe, eat, and bathe in without our consent.

Fluoride promoters have utilized all seven
propaganda techniques identified by the “Institute for
Propaganda Analysis,” (est. 1937 and brought to an early end
in the 1940s), including “Name-Calling, Glittering
Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Card
Stacking, and Band Wagon” in order to keep the fluoride
flowing here and creating medical problems. Mention an
aversion to fluoride, and the promoters will more than
likely make comments about “tinfoil hats,” or make a
reference to the strange movie, “Dr. Strangelove.” They also
refer to people opposed to being dosed with fluoride against
their wills as “anties” as though attempting to paint a
picture of opponents as confused old ladies. The one thing
that fluoride promoters are incapable of doing, however, is
engaging in a logical debate about fluoride. They cannot
debate fluoride because they have no real facts or clinical
evidence showing that fluoride “prevents cavities.” They
merely repeat, as they have been repeating for over 60
years, the following mantra: “It is well-known that fluoride
prevents cavities.”

If fluoride “prevented cavities” as the CDC
and other government pharmaceutical branches imply, they
would be shining a light on the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
According to the NIH “Community Water Fluoridation Status by
State” 2002 report (reportedly updated in March of 2010),
the state of Kentucky ranks #1 in having the highest
percentage of fluoridated water of all states in the US.
According to Kentucky Oral/Dental Health, the state has
received awards for achieving this feat. “The American
Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and the
Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors have
recognized Kentucky’s efforts.” If we were going to see
water fluoridation in action and working as promised by the
fluoride salesmen, we would have seen its miracles clearly
happening on any given day in the gleaming smiles of our
Kentucky neighbors. Instead we see something unexpected.

When the ADA’s and CDC’s exaggerated hoopla
dies down, a check of the facts reveals that Kentucky is
also ranked #1 in other areas not mentioned during the
praising ceremonies. Kentucky ranks #1 in incidence of
cancer in the USA, and it ranks at the top for having one of
the worst dental health scores in the US. Despite all of its
award-winning fluoridation, it has one of the worst rates of
cavities in children, as well as complete toothlessness in
adults. One must also wonder if the spontaneous fractures
and tendon problems in the racehorses might be due to the
fluoride in their drinking water. Horses drink many times
more water than humans do.

Even more disturbing than the lie about the
“benefits” of having “optimally fluoridated water,” is that
the majority of physicians do not know how to treat fluoride
poisoning, nor do they even know how to look for it or
diagnose it. Due to the media, many people simply conclude
that Americans are just fat and lethargic, everyone has
heartburn so what else is new, arthritis is just bone aches
and crippling deformities, fibromyalgia is a sign of
malingering, and degenerative disk disease raises no
eyebrows or questions as spines spontaneously collapse and
disks bulge from sea to shining, oil-slicked sea. We are not
adequately studying cause and effect at this time. Instead
of treating symptoms with even more pharmaceuticals, we need
to start looking for the cause of the symptoms.

Many physicians are unaware that in addition
to the daily doses of fluoride their patients are receiving
via water, air, dental products, and our
fluoride-contaminated food, a growing number of prescription
drugs are now fluorinated as well. Lipitor, for instance, is
fluorinated and has been known to cause aches and pains, and
according to the Lipitor website, can cause serious muscle
problems resulting in kidney failure, as well as liver
problems, edema, tendon problems, jaundice, nausea and GI
problems. A number of patients are reporting memory loss, as
well; however, this complaint has not yet become an
“accepted” side effect. All of these complaints are, however
, “accepted” symptoms of fluoride poisoning. High
concentrations of fluoride can also be found in other
unexpected items, such as tea, grapes and raisins, and some
American wines contain too much fluoride to be sold in
European markets.

The amount of fluoride constituting a “lethal
dose” is not even known at this time due to disinformation
and lack of appropriate study, nor is it known how long a
lethal dose will take to finally kill the victim via organ
failure or cancer. Most of the deliberate fluoride dosing is
sub-lethal, thus allowing people to live out their lives
without frank evidence that they are being chronically
poisoned by a daily dose of fluoride. They will, however,
live out their lives while suffering from the resulting,
unexplained but now “commonly found” symptoms that their
grandparents never had. They will desire lifelong
medications for relief of these symptoms, and no one knows
how many years the fluoride will shave off the life of each
person being forced to take it.

In following a recent case of massive fluoride
poisoning in a previously healthy, 42-year-old male living
in New York City, the true extent of the national fluoride
and crime cover-up surfaced. The victim, an inventor named
Sean Dix, stated that his dentist poisoned him with a
sublingual dose of liquid chemicals. By the following
morning, he was in acute renal failure, as subsequently
documented by lab tests. His head-to-toe symptoms matched
many of those already mentioned, except he did not have
nausea, vomiting or other GI distress, for the simple reason
that the chemicals had been administered under his tongue.
He had not swallowed it, so it bypassed the liver and
intestines that would have otherwise filtered some of the
poison out. He had saved his scant morning-after urine
sample, and after I learned of his symptoms I urged him to
have it tested for fluoride. I suggested this because of the
data I had obtained years earlier through the government’s
FOIA regarding fluoride effects and symp toms.

The first indication of a massive fluoride
cover-up occurred when Sean Dix then tried to have his urine
tested, only to discover that there are no hospitals or labs
in NYC that routinely test for fluoride levels.  He tried
elsewhere, including in other states, and could not find any
hospitals that routinely tested for fluoride, as though the
level of fluoride in one’s body is now a great, state-kept

The victim was told to take a train to
Connecticut, drop his urine off at a lab there, and they
would then forward his specimen to another lab that would
test it for fluoride. The fact that there are no hospitals
or labs found that do simple, accurate, routine urine
fluoride tests means that no one really knows what the
fluoride levels are in Americans. We do, however, know that
the US ranks #1 worldwide in its consumption of
pharmaceuticals used to treat the massive symptoms now
plaguing Americans. Too sick to travel to Connecticut, it
was necessary for the NYC victim to hire two separate US
forensic labs, as well as ship his urine to India in order
to have it tested for fluoride.

He then discovered that there are at least two
types of equipment used to test for fluoride, resulting in
at least two completely different test results. A cheaper,
less sophisticated test, Ion Selective Electrode, or ISE,
(sometimes referred to as Ion Specific Electrode) can
apparently give a false low reading. Another test, by Ion
Chromatography (IC), is expensive but stated to be far more

It is currently guessed that any level of
fluoride over perhaps 1 or 2 ppm showing up in the urine
might indicate poisoning. In Hooper Bay, Alaska, a water
fluoridation disaster reportedly caused by an unskilled
fluoride handler, resulted in a community being poisoned by
fluoride. This resulted in the death of one man. Testing of
the deceased man’s urine indicated he had a reported level
of “55 mg per liter” of fluoride, according to an article in
the New England Journal of Medicine. It has been reported
that the unfortunate 41-year-old man had symptoms of nausea
and vomiting, and in an innocent attempt to remain hydrated,
he drank more and more of the fluoride-poisoned water until
he had a heart attack and died. He was found dead in his
home. On the surface, this suggests that 55 mg/L must be the
upper limits of fluoride poisoning before death claims the
victim. Fluoride, however, deserves much more than a mere
surface study.

According to ISE forensic testing, the
morning-after urine of the still-living NYC poisoning victim
contained only slightly over 1 mg/L of fluoride. This was
momentarily reassuring, and I apologized to Mr. Dix for
having been so certain he had been poisoned with fluoride.
Several hours later, the forensic lab using the more
sophisticated IC testing revealed their results. Repeated IC
testing showed that his urine contained over 160 mg/L of
fluoride, with the lowest adjusted level being 132 mg/L.
Three weeks after being poisoned, his urinary fluoride level
spiked to an incredible 188 mg/L, by IC.

The next unfortunate discovery was that no one
had ever heard of fluoride levels this high in a living
person, no one knew what to do about it, no one knew how to
treat it or remove it, and no one knew if the man was going
to live or die. In addition, no one knew what caused the
three-week spike, or if the dentist had poured an “extended
release” fluoride product under his tongue, meaning she was
dosing him repeatedly. She was refusing to cooperate with
those asking questions.

The next bizarre discovery was found after
contacting a group of toxicologists who stated that they
would not even look at lab tests to determine a diagnosis of
fluoride poisoning. They determined fluoride poisoning only
according to their list of “nationally accepted” symptoms.
Unless the victim’s symptoms matched their “accepted” list
of symptoms, they would not consider him to have been
poisoned with fluoride.  As stated, the NYC victim did not
have nausea and vomiting, nor did he have the excessive
salivation as noted on the “accepted” list, and therefore he
did not qualify for the “poisoned by fluoride” diagnosis. He
had a dry mouth and dehydration. He also had additional
symptoms that were not on the “accepted” list, symptoms that
were possibly previously unknown and were being documented
for the first time. These included sudden loss of
near-vision acuity and eye pupils constricting to

The next discovery of a massive cover-up of
fluoride and crime occurred when the victim reported his
poisoning to the police. The NY police refused to
investigate or even question the dentist. After finally
obtaining a toxicology narrative based upon forensic
evidence stating he had been poisoned by fluoride, the
victim again attempted to file criminal charges against the
dentist but he was blocked at every step of the way. He took
the matter to the District Attorney, the NY State Troopers,
and to the Governor, but at this time, nearly one year later
, no one has been willing to charge or even question the
dentist who appears to have pulled off the worst and most
surreal case of fluoride poisoning ever reported.

The next discovery that was stumbled upon
regarding the massive fluoride and crime cover-up was that
the US government does not have a national database
documenting incidence and prevalence of American thyroid
disease. While the US government follows prevalence and
incidence of diabetes, cancers, cardiac problems, bone
problems and every other disease imaginable, it does not
nationally follow thyroid disease. This is despite the fact
that the government is forcing 70% of the US population to
take daily doses of thyroid-blocking fluoride in their

At this time, one year later, the NYC victim
continues to struggle with kidney problems along with joint
and bone pain, and his well-cared for teeth are now pitted
and showing signs of “cosmetic fluorosis” near the area
where the dentist poured liquid fluoride under his tongue.
This is despite the fact that some “experts” claim that the
development of cosmetic fluorosis in an adult is not
possible. The Park Avenue dentist remains free to go about
her daily routine without any consequences after having
poisoned Sean Dix.

Because ISE testing is less expensive and
therefore more commonly used than IC, it is possible that
much of our information regarding fluoride levels is based
upon false low readings. It is possible that the fluoride
levels in our bodies might be much higher than we have
previously assumed, possibly putting us all in great danger
for cardiac arrhythmias, kidney disease, premature aging and
cancers, in addition to all of the other symptoms of just
not feeling well. We have been led down a propaganda path
for over 60 years regarding the nonexistent “benefits” of
fluoride, while no safety measures to guard us against
fluoride poisoning or even routinely check us for fluoride
or blocked thyroids have ever been made.  The only
“benefits” of fluoride are being pocketed by the
pharmaceutical industry selling drugs to treat the resulting
national array of symptoms.

The result of this governmental cover-up means
that it is apparently easy now to get away with murder in
the United States if one has “professional” access to a
supply of liquid fluoride and if one knows how to administer
it at the right dose so that it will not cause immediate
death. The victim will walk away a ticking time bomb not
knowing that he was just poisoned; he will most likely not
know to save his urine 12 hours later and even if he does,
hospitals do not routinely and accurately test for fluoride
in the US; physicians know very little about fluoride in the
US; the most commonly used fluoride testing equipment has
flaws; the “accepted symptoms” list for fluoride poisoning
is flawed; and, a few days, weeks or months after the
poisoning (when the death might occur) the victim will be
nowhere in the vicinity of the person who poisoned him. In
addition, by that time there might be very little trace of
the fluoride left in the blood or urine, but it will have
done its damage on its way o ut of the system. It will have
left behind a wake of chaos.

One must now wonder how many innocent people
have been “removed” by fluoride poisoning with no one ever
suspecting a thing. Very few know enough about fluoride to
watch for symptoms and no one routinely tests for fluoride
overload with IC. One must at this time wonder how many
assassins have gotten away with murder because of the
disgraceful cover-up of fluoride in the US. Because of this
cover-up, fluoride has become an ideal tool for assassins.
Leading assassination expert, Professor Emeritus James
Fetzer, is now studying the case of the attempted murder by
fluoride of Sean Dix.

It is my hope that the above information will
serve to alert this entire nation of the problems and
dangers we now face with fluoride. It is my hope that law
enforcement personnel, coroners, hospitals, clinics,
municipal water personnel and healthcare professionals
throughout the United States will responsibly study all they
can about fluoride, responsibly ban it immediately from use
on humans, and then responsibly establish new policies
regarding accurate, affordable, routine testing for human
fluoride levels in hospitals and clinics.

Until that happens and we finally have some
measure of protection against fluoride poisoning, I would
suggest that we all safeguard ourselves by saving urine
specimens 12 hours after dental visits, or after any event
that leads to unexpected illness, such as dining out . . .
or perhaps even after dining in. Saving urine samples will
provide us with potential documentation, and documentation
removes some of the invisibility and motivation from any
would-be murderer or assassin who presumes he or she knows
exactly how to get away with murder in the United States.


Mary is a medical, health, science and
political writer who is currently being fluorosed against
her will in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a columnist for
Jeff Rense, www.rense.com. She has a lengthy background in
the studies of laboratory science, veterinary science,
ornithology, and she provided free humane care to over
20,000 wild birds and wild animals, including endangered
species, before turning her focus on providing help for
humans.  She is an internationally published author of four
books. (All English books in the US are sold out at this
time. Books remain available in Germany and Japan.) Mary has
a daughter who is a Deputy Sheriff in Tallahassee, and she
has a son in Tallahassee who recently ran for a seat in the
Florida Senate.

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Esophageal cancers:




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