On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Nice clean squared off bedroom wall…

This is a rewarding series of photographs.  It shows from the beginning the reclaimed portion of the bedroom which we took back after ripping out the old shower area and hotpress cupboard. (of course these were later bastardisations of the original setup in high kirkfield)….

Anyway, this first show is a great look at the bedroom getting cleared out of wood and dust / debris.  Behind this photo has been a lot of running up and down the road with the car full of wood….for burning in Brian’s fire or my parents’ chiminea.

The squared off part of the room that didn't exist before!

And so we have been going in to the next phase of work which has been more concentrated on the bedroom.  So it is to strip 3 of the 4 walls of their lovely lath and plaster.   I’m so glad to have the lath and plaster part behind me.  Already I have mopped the floors to reduce the amounts of residual dust affecting everything up there!

Anyway here is a good shot of Brian, early in the morning just as we were shaking out some dust sheets getting ready for the day ahead:

Great picture of Brian, I love this one.

Last week so Brian started working on making up frames to introduce good insulation to the two weather facing walls of the bedroom.  It would have been possible to just do a simple wall, but really, if you have gone back this far, how could you do anything other than the right way?

So here comes a series of photographs showing the whole process.  Hope you enjoy them.  I’ve got lovely memories of them…

And the unit after assembly on the ground, up on the south wall….

Picture of Brian by the south wall with the fragrant partition to the bathroom...


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