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Max Keiser’s Hotspots: IRELAND

Max Keiser made a small film recently about the criminal looting of Ireland.

He covers NAMA (National Assets Management Agency), Anglo Irish Bank, the 300 000 ‘ghost’ houses left in the wake of one of the most extreme property bubbles Europewide.  Default on Mortgages as a ‘crime’ in Ireland (eh?)…National minimum wage slashed, money for woman and children stripped out of national budget, meanwhile the IMF and EU borrow money to repay the very bankers who created the trouble and the people of Ireland are expected to be held in hock for generations to come…


Here is something from a man who took on Bank or Ireland  –  and won:

Blank Of Ireland – This Way Out EbookThis EBook was written by a Darrell O’Dea, a guy who took on the Bank Of Ireland and won.I recommend downloading and reading this EBook to find out the process that he went through and the legal terminology he used to request information from the Bank Of Ireland regarding their fractional banking procedures (fractional banking is based on money that does not exist and the bank then charging you for non-existent money).

According to Darrell, This EBook will open your eyes to the corruption, endemic in our banking system, law system and other governing bodies.

Read it and form your own opinion.

Blank Of Ireland – This Way Out (PDF 1.89MB)

Free Stamps – No Contract (PDF 100KB)

Darrell’s Letter from the Bank Of Ireland (PDF 2.2MB)


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