On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Today’s lot…… Aye, just more worky work up in the flat. Brigette you would be proud.

Right so.

So here we are on Wednesday 23rd March, and I just wanted to get a shot of this room very much in progress. This is a nice one of the bedroom stripped back to some extent, the old fire clearly visible. We will just front this with OSB. One fire is enough in the place to heat it. You see that wall to the right….it was just about to be stripped down, all ripped out, and further photos will guide…..
The kitchen ceiling nearly all done…now this is a very misleading photo. Brian patched this whole ceiling guided by candlelight. Oops! I just forgot …. we had a visit from the electricity board today who replaced all of their fuse boxes and meter. Meaning we got cut off!! No power tools…..so what you are seeing there, was all hand cut, by Brian!!!
The white balance in this is crap, but its just to show the lath, after the removal of the plaster. Prior to the baring of the wall. I have a funny feeling this is going to happen to the other walls all through the room!
This is thick weatherward wall, devoid of lath….I must say it was all free of nasty surprises, just totally dry….no dampness, no nothing!

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