On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Bedroom and Kitchen work apace

Ah, the end of two good days, and I think I’ll leave the flat be for tomorrow as there are quite a few other things to do with work, family and er….all the rest of it.

Someone close to home isn’t keeping very well, and its time to be available to help out there.

Time with Brian has been great and Jason Ferguson from the famous Arrochar Chippie dropped down today, making the suggestion that we take the opportunity to noise-proof the bathroom area, so that visitors willed be spared the audio of the brown turtle heeded deed taking a dive.  Kersplosh.  And there was me thinking it was only me that got nervous about such things.  Very reassuring to hear of fellow sufferers.  So I’m nearly normal after all.

Right, well here are some photo’s showing the ongoing work.  I wouldn’t mind making another one of those wee videos with some music and all but I’m knackered and its takes a fair bit of time.  This blog seems to be becoming more and more centred around the DIY stuff at Arrochar, but I was hoping when I started to make it just about loads of stuff….

First some pictures from yesterday:

A not very soundproofed Bathroom, with the guts exposed, showing wastewater route to the very large soil pipe hole in wall

Look folks I’ve just made a list of the photos I want to keep here,  for showing to family but its probably going to get….boring!!!!  You have been warned 🙂

Installation of new piping for cold Mains and the other is for hot supply to wash hand basin in the bathroom. I like this picture 🙂

And then this is where the pipes run….

...And there's the route out for the pipes. We have used plastic piping, with foam insulation.

This is the way ahead for the bedroom for the foreseeable! Loads of bags of rubble as I take down the lath and plaster. Also you can see the copper hot water tank...which will be up for sale soon on gumtree glasgow but if you know someone needing one, please let me know....We have today decided to rip out the perfectly good ceiling (well, up until the bit from the former corner intrusion, which is really why we are coming to rip it) But for all of the extra expense, it just means more control over having a good finish up top. Plus, the ceiling in place, has been tacked onto the original, so we will gain by getting back to the base. One thing we were thinking of today was whether to form up insulation panels. This may well be an option for the ceiling and would make the place better to heat.

And here is the Kitchen floor in development, this just felt so good to see the form taking up, considering what it replaced was a squeaky, creaky, lopsided mess....

Just look at the flow here, from one new floor to another 😉 and its bang on. Brian's work is magic.

A nice shot of brian backlit with something we hooked up to help see in the kitchen which doesn't get great natural light at all. Its all 'borrowed' light in there. A concept I only recently learned from Brian. Anyway, more little stepping stones taking place. Here we see the first patch of the underlying OSB to provide a pitch for gibrock, then we'll get the kitchen going. No insulation going on here, as (1) its such a small room and (2) there will be loads of heat in there anyway.

While all this clever stuff was going on by Brian, I decided to get big bits of wood together in the bedroom and have myself a game of Jenga. I kept on beating myself until I started to do Joe Pesci impressions for 'his go'

Aye now they are the photographs from yesterday, so just to break it up a bit I will do a new one for todays lot.



2 responses

  1. Claire

    Love the contrast of the old stuff being ripped out, exposing incredible features, and then the new flooring & walls being created by Brian. What a talented crew you two are. So chuffed for you that its getting done, will be incredible when its complete. Lovely what family do for each other isn’t it. I haven’t forgotten your jeans, I just haven’t had a chance to go and complete them. Next week hopefully when G is back I will get a minute to complete, if not before xxx

    March 30, 2011 at 8:41 am

    • Thanks Claire, the jeans are amazing…some people have been trying to find out what ‘label’ they are 😉 I like that game.

      April 14, 2011 at 12:30 pm

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