On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Hall and Bathroom at High Kirkfield

Here are some pictures of the latest run of work.  I’ve moved out for the next two to three months; as the work progresses through to the bathroom, its just not possible to combine living with the scale of what we are doing.  So hopefully, this will give us some more progress as there are less compromises to be made….it really is now a total building site 🙂

This one post deals with stripping the hall walls, and then removing the (non-structural) bathroom wall partition.  You can see we have already stripped the bathroom bare, and square off the bedroom which is an excellent size now.  We also got rid of that ridiculous low ceiling, so although there has probably been a leap forward from previous posts, it has all been over many days and a multitude of visits to the dumping bins.

Most plaster off the hall, and having just stripped the ceiling down! Looking into bedroom

From the front door looking into the bathroom partition (just before dismantling it)

The kitchen needed the same as the living room floor. You can see the new wood over the old rafters, all cut to correct the level of the parts which have sagged over the last 120 years. It is all blending in perfectly with the living room 🙂 Totally level!

This shot is off the kitchen wall...you see the bit with the green border? Thats the original entrance into the flat. Perhaps this was a hall originally? Thats what we think, and then we found some old lead pipes in the wall of the present living room, so we think that might have been just a general living, kitchen, dining area. Anyway, this shot shows most of Brian's new electrical cable runs, including the heavy duty stuff for the cooker.

Another one from the living room door through the hall, after removing the plaster leaving the lath exposed. This lath is coming off tomorrow. I already have two huge piles which Brian wants for kindling. The amount of material coming out of the flat is huge. Perched atop the shovel is the trusty green beanie hat, very dear to me 🙂

Hahaahaa! Bathroom partition stripped away! This is a view from just outside the front door. The plan is to line all the way through each side with OSB and Plasterboard, exactly as per the living room. And then to add in a new partition. Something tells me that is a good idea. It would avoid situations like sitting on the loo when people come-a-calling and getting more than they bargained for...

Here's the above shot from the other way round. Ie from the throne, and again points toward the necessity of installing a new bathroom partition. "Ahh! Hello! Just make yourself at home, grab a drink, grab an olive, be with you in a minute"

The hall light switch. More shitey wiring. Everywhere we strip things back, there are wee instances of this. Lots of old wiring has just been left in place even before this lot!


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