On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

The kitchen all cleared out, finally

Its been quite hard work over the last week stripping out the lath and plaster walls…not technically demanding, so I was able to so a lot of the donkey work with ripping the walls apart and many trips to the dump….the amount of material is amazing.

Meanwhile Brian has been pressing on with the final touches to the work on the walls and electrical boxes in the front room – and lots of pernickerty bits to do with the recess which was found in the South East corner  (just up from the fireplace).

Yesterday a very welcome appearance from Rich Tyers cheered us up and we had a nice lunch down at the Village Inn before pressing on back with the stripping out of the kitchen.  The sink unit and presses have been moved temporarily into one of the finished sections of the main room as a makeshift kitchen….so if you are reading this Rich, you can see what we got up to after you left (Brian plumbed in both mains cold AND hot water – excellent 🙂 )

I am uploading a video of the current phase of the transformation, so will just put a few photos here reflecting where we are at right now:

What remained of the kitchen just prior to the final destruction...

You can just make out the flexipipe where Brian has plumbed the sink in

Now a final shot, or maybe two of the bare kitchen, ready for Brian to go in and fit the new electrical points and some heavy duty 10mm wiring (expensive, ouch!) for the ‘on demand’ hot water heating system.

Floorboards coming up! Good for Brian's lovely open fire 🙂

I love this shot of Brian; he is looking down at the underlying pipework

Finally here is our starting board for the new kitchen.  We are hoping that soon the corner will be turned.  The plan now is to go in and install the kitchen, get it plastered then work progressively backwards, retreating into the main living room.  We will probably install some crappy cheap carpets just so we get the two rooms virtually done…before moving into the other side of the flat….the bedroom and the bathroom.  Both of which will involve lots more dust and destruction.

Starting point for creating a new kitchen....this is as bad as it gets!

Thats it for now….Thanks Brian for a lovely meal up in the Drovers Inn 🙂    –     very kind.



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