On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Photos from Kitchen – baring back the walls…

There’s not much to say here, just a horrible dirty job…

Before starting, these wall units can wait but they are going too...

The wall with the clock before being ripped out

And the wall at the door partition came in for some trouble too.  Skilfully managed to avoid ripping out the lighting circuit.  🙂

Midway through. This one was well-behaved.

The partition wall was very straightforward, and gave off large chunks which will be easy to dispose off.  Not so with the far wall.  Really old lath and plaster, created a very fine dust.  I had white eyelashes after it.  The dust from it is so fine.  I bought a couple of good masks today.

Really messy wall with smallish hole in it.

And on…

Bigger hole...


The finished mess...dust clearly visible in the air.

Two bags of rubble already, and I’ve still not dealt with this wall.  Just a bit more to go on it, but the dust was getting quite bad and so I thought best to let it settle then get in again tomorrow.

Our plan is to achieve a very simple hot water system in the flat based off just one instantaneous ‘on-demand’ unit.  I’ll research it a bit but I think I have found something very suitable:  http://www.cnmonline.co.uk/Stiebel-Eltron-Instantaneous-Water-Heater-pr-33373.html –  and quite a reasonable price, 200 pounds.  The input is mains cold water, then from that we will feed the hot water supply to the kitchen sink, and the wash hand basin in the bathroom, via the existing under-floor plumbing.

This is going to have the further benefit of eliminating the need for a massive cold water tank, and an oversized hot water boiler which presently take up about 6ft x 3ft of the bedroom.  Once those tanks and all of their complex plumbing lines are withdrawn, that room can be ‘squared off’ and will be much improved.  It will be a very spacious and comfortable room with great storage potential.

Anyway, back to the kitchen, the plan is to get it back to the clean & bare starting point, then thoroughly insulate and strap all of the walls again.  A visit of Ikea will be on the cards soon to see about units.  I’ll also have to have a think about worktops but I love the granite ones.  The last things to be going in will be the new washing machine, separate hob and oven, and a fridge.



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