On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

Learning more about the Flue

No coughs and snizzles here; as you all know my body is a temple.  Today was a trip up into Steve Morrison’s loft.  He owns the top flat.

A quick call to a friend for the key, and we were all set….cue some Krypton Factor music, its pretty tight up there for getting access, so the initial journey across to the south gable end was sloth-like…but for those who take an interest in fashion, that explains the old Jakey-style clothing you normally see me in.

Entry into loft and Steve's water tank - not the easiest of access...

Once up and in and past the tank there is a reasonable space moving along on your honkers…And the loft is clear so this was a good moment for me, seeing what was up there.  I am enjoying this process of figuring out the stove, and so today was very revealing 🙂

Past the tank looking to the south wall, the remains of the chimney stack sit about 500mm proud

And so we ventured up to see at least 4 definite flu outlets, but I think there is actually 5.  The one over on the right is now a birds nest, but going by the symmetry of it, there would be 5.  From right to left, looking south, I think what is here is this:  Far right (bird’s nest):  My bedroom flue.  2nd from Right – Steve Morrison’s sitting room flue (This appears fairly obvious).  3rd and 4th from the right – Two flues which extend down a long way, and 3rd from right peels off to the west (Marjorie’s bedroom?) and the 4th peels off to the east (Marjorie’s sitting room).  Finally over in the corner, there is my sitting room flue.

Showing the 3rd and 4th from the right, I believe these relate to the ground floor.

And now onto ‘my’ sitting room flue, tucked away in the corner….and a word of thanks to Jason for helping isolate this as ‘the flue in question’…and for more besides….of which I will speak later in this post.

Outlet from my flue (sitting room) very close to the hillward side of the roof.

And here is a shot looking directly down my flue from the sitting room.  It measures about 330 mm x 220 mm.  I am delighted to see that the extent of it remains pretty much as the original builders left it….

The view down my flue to the sitting room. Nice and clear!

This shot was taken just after Jason and I were up there and we got a bit worried that the flue had been blocked by the remains of the process some time ago when the chimney stack was removed.  Not a very well constructed sentence there, but we were looking down and it seemed like there was some brick and maybe even excess cement from the removal process had been chucked down.  Ach, not to worry, I fetched brian’s chimney cleaning poles from within my flat and stood guard in my new fireplace with a board protecting the new work.  Jason dislodged what turned out to be just a load of dust and garbage plus one and a half bricks from the old stack, and that was that.

Here is all that was stuck up in the flue....and they were just remains from the process of taking the stack down 🙂

So now that is the end of this installment.  Apologies to readers who follow the blog for this FLUEtastic addition, but my brother and I find it very useful to communicate via here, with pictures and all, so…as well as that, its a good way to keep track of the improvements happening around here.

Next post will be a short video, recorded from up in the roofspace, just to give more of a 3 dimensional idea of what is going on there, again mainly for Brian.  But the upload is continuing into VIMEO at the moment, then there is usually a wait for VIMEO to accept it into their servers…..so I can feel a Guinness beckoning at the Village Inn.  http://www.villageinnarrochar.co.uk/village-inn/home/village-inn.html  –  A very nice spot, just a few hundred yards from here 🙂

More soon.


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