On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

New piano piece

Over the while this piece of music has crept back in.  It featured in the blog right at the start as my inspiration for learning the piano, but I wasn’t able to get the music for it….and back then I couldn’t really read music, it was more by ear, then cobbling together .mid files, importing them into a .mid representation of keypresses and memorising what keys made the music happen.

I know that sounds daft, and it was!!  I didn’t realise how easy music was to read then.  But now my wall is festooned with charts of the keyboard and things that tell you All Cows Eat Grass, Good Big Ducks Fly Away (Bass), FACE, and Every Good Boy Deserves Fun.  So now its all coming together.  But then sometimes you think, there’s different ways to make the keystrokes – I wonder how it should be done….and youtube is so handy here….

If you’ll forgive him the Liam Gallagher haircut, this guy is excellent on Yann Tiersen.  I’m not even into the break yet, just the first measure, but enjoying all of the learning, and finding it easier after each day.


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