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Old postcard of Tighness

I didn’t know this before but Arrochar isn’t just Arrochar…its two old villages which have merged into eachother, and the one that is lesser known is Tighness.

So this is now regarded as the south ‘part’ of arrochar, but from reading in http://www.arrocharheritage.com (fascinating stuff on there…old pictures….old movies) I have found out more about how the present community developed from two wee small villages.  Why is this important…well I have been online researching and looking for old pictures of Arrochar, in particular, looking for something that may have by chance captured my wee place around the turn of the century, which would then give an idea of the location of the chimney stacks….

I got a cracking result from a vintage postcard trader on ebay 🙂  So here is Tighness of old, taken around 1900.  My place is the first building to the right of the church.  It was a black and white photograph to which the artist has come in and added colour.  Sorry I can’t remember the name of the process!  A nice touch is the old steam train on the West Highland line…

You can make out the size of the chimney stacks by magnifying the picture


2 responses

  1. margaret

    Reading about how the photo was coloured afterwards reminded me of when we were young and it was only black and white prints available. I remember my father colouring them in by hand. It always produced a very watered down effect and the result faded quickly.

    February 2, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    • Aye Maggie,

      I don’t know what is going on with this one…it certainly dates from 1900, and at that time all sorts of things were going on with the development of colour and printing processes. I was up at a friends house tonight who knows more about local history and he was able to pick out old walls up on the hills where the people were growing their vegetables; its a great addition to the site anyway. I am hoping to get a shot from the same spot by trial and error, lining up all the line of sight references….watch this space.

      Thanks for adding the comment 🙂



      February 2, 2011 at 11:17 pm

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