On Melmac, saying "have a nice day" is punishable by death.

The new floor. hearth, hole, fireplace and flue…

Sorry this has been so quiet for a while….I got a little bit sidetracked for….  I was even accused by a friend of having gone into hibernation inside my igloo.  Thats an idea!  Some days that would be quite appealing.

Ach, in the meantime I’ve been finding out about sales, stoves, people and just having a great laugh scraping the car windscreen for half an hour every morning while freezing my nuts off.  On big snowfall days its traditional to scrape your neighbours car until you wake up a bit then do your own as well.

Aye, so I’ve got it figured out now.  No more simple straight honest talking – the next time I go into a stove centre I’m just going to fill the wheelbarrow up with loads of CASH and ask them to count it all…oh from about 3500 to 6000.  Aye and I’ll ask them to take it and send down a tubular strip of thin steel down the chimney (under 200 pounds worth), tighten some bolts, connect it to a stove, then run off and laugh their balls off.

Now I am not here to Rant, thats just a first install to let dear readers know I’m in the different stages of exploring our options for installing a wood burning stove into the wee place.  And in so doing have come across the usual businesses who want to come in with the least effort possible (one day hit and run)  for the most money…So we are looking at installing the entire works ourselves going through planning permission and building it to Building Regulations.

Anyway, I’ll not spend too much time, as they say a picture tells a thousand words, so first picture then I’ll maybe upload some more.  This is just to get the site active again.  Where did we leave things?  Its been such a long time I can’t remember if I even mentioned the new floor.  Anyway I’ll just start on the fireplace and work back to the other things later….

It was due to putting the new floor in that we came across the remnants of the old hearth, and so thought AHA!  Here is a photograph of the later stages of the new floor going in (more about that later)…but its just to show how we came across the fact there must have been a hearth and fireplace there somewhere…the question was, did it lead anywhere?….was it blocked off?

Lovely new floor going in...hearth over to the top left of picture.


Some exploratory holes made revealed a cavity behind the wall, which was opened up to reveal:

brian just after breaking through from a small hole just above 'old' hearth

This we then excavated further, removing lovely old 3 inch bricks and some smaller firebricks…This was quite an exciting and fun part.  Very interesting to see the potential to trace the flue, see where it went.  Yes, I know – up – good one 🙂

Aha I nearly lost that.  The thing just crashed.  Yet another reason why I have been quiet on here….

First good look at a piece of history...Who lived here and gazed into flames in this space?

Apologies for the poor quality of some of these shots….they were taken on the wrong camera setting for the conditions, and I only realised after uploading them to the computer.

This next shot is after having stripped out all the old 3 inch classic bricks out and the smaller firebricks.  There was so much soot and dust we needed to put the masks on again.

The fireplace when opened turned out to be 1500mm tall, 930 wide, 520 deep!

We then packed some of the decent bricks into the hearth base after excavating all the loose rubble and crap out.  Oh, and we found a scorch mark on some of the wood below of a possible old hearth fire…!  So this is the final shot before I wrap this up…of our preparations for concreting the new base in.

Just about ready to concrete over the base now...


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